AN ENTERPRISING 12-year-old from Haslemere is calling on others to join her and her grandpa this Sunday on a charity walk – wherever they are – to fund research into pancreatic cancer.

Lottie and Ray Cooper, 75, who is battling the disease, will embark on a two-mile walk in aid of the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at 10am on May 3 – with only one hitch: they live 300 miles apart!

Lottie, a pupil of Prior’s Field School in Godalming, will walk with her family in the field attached to their house, while grandpa Ray will complete it in stages throughout the day in his back garden in Hexham, Northumberland.

Albeit fairly short for Lottie the hike will prove quite an effort for Ray, and the pair will stay in touch throughout.

The idea for the fundraiser came about from a school biology project that Lottie was tasked with choosing and researching herself.

Ray had explained to Lottie and her brother Harry that his cancer had been diagnosed too late to be cured, so Lottie chose pancreatic cancer as her project topic.

She researched the disease and interviewed Ray so she could understand more about his illness, ultimately winning a school prize for her project.

As a result, Lottie decided to raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund, and has already smashed her £200 target – to date raising an extraordinary £1,100.

Lottie is now appealing for people to join her and her grandpa on their May 3 walk – wherever they are – and donate a minimum £2 online at

Lottie said: “When I was doing my research, I found out that there is no test that can diagnose pancreatic cancer early, and if there was, it would have given grandpa a chance of being cured.

“Then I discovered an early detection test was being developed by Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. That’s when I decided to raise money to help them because a test will make a big difference in helping other people in the future.

“Grandpa is an amazing person and he’s being so brave and positive. We’re all very proud of him.”

Ray added: “I’m very proud of Lottie for thinking this up herself and organising it all. These are difficult times for everyone, and it’s given us something positive to do together.

“It’s been really uplifting to see the generosity and kind messages on the JustGiving page and to know that there are so many people joining in not just here, but all over the world.

“I just hope the weather is kind to us on Sunday as two miles will be a big challenge for me!”

Lottie’s mum Nikki said: “The timing of dad’s illness is terribly difficult because we want to spend precious time with him but he has to isolate, the walk has given us all something positive we can do together, even though we’re so far away – and it’s really giving dad a boost.”