Ukrainian pharmacist joins Alton Rotary Club

Saturday 13th August 2022 4:00 pm
Alton Rotary Club president Mike Sanders welcomes Biola Ameri to the club.
President Mike Sanders welcomes Biola Ameri to Alton Rotary Club (Alton Rotary Club )

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Alton Rotary has welcomed its newest member, Biola Ameri, who is a refugee from the conflict in Ukraine.

Biola, 43, is a pharmacist who headed a department in a multinational pharmaceutical company in Ukraine. She is a mother of two daughters, Gabriella, who is eight, and Daniella, 7.

Biola and her daughters have been living in Alton for four months, staying with Rotary member Lisa Hillan. Lisa and Biola both enjoy supporting other hosts and guests through the Ukraine-Alton Mutual Aid organisation.

Biola said the family had never planned to leave Ukraine and were settled there but had fled from the conflict.

Biola’s husband, Igor, is still in Ukraine working with relief organisations. He is not free to leave at the moment, but Biola hopes it may be possible soon. She said her daughters have settled well at school in Alton, and have been helped to pick up English quickly.

Lisa Hillan said it had been a great pleasure to have Biola and her daughters staying. She said: “We’re pleased to have been able to offer stability for Biola and her family – we get on so well together.”

Biola says she has been made very welcome in Alton and by Alton Rotary.

Rotary president Mike Sanders welcomed her to membership of the club.

Find out more about Alton Rotary online at or call Mike on 01420 563859.

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