A HASLEMERE pub wants to set the record straight. The Dog and Pheasant pub was handed out a new zero-out-of-five food hygiene rating, which was published on the Herald’s Facebook page. 

The pub responded in a comment: “While this article may initially cast a shadow over our pub, there’s more to the story. The Environmental Health officer (EHO) inspection happened just 15 days before a new ten-year lease was signed. On that day, the kitchen was closed and underwent an overhaul.

"The structural improvements highlighted during the EHO inspection, which led to the zero rating, were addressed, and repairs or replacements were made. Following a subsequent meeting with the EHO, it was confirmed the work was satisfactorily completed.

"They expressed optimism about achieving a five-star rating upon re-inspection, but the process might take three to four months, during which time further improvements are scheduled. At no time was it suggested that the premises would need to close.”

The pub did not respond to the Herald’s request for a comment.