Five local groups are the latest beneficiaries of grants from Whitehill Town Council.

On April 13 its executive committee backed all bids to the council’s £4,000 minor grant aid fund.

Hollywater School will receive £850, to help current and former students of its special educational needs and disabilities further education department speak up for themselves, and to organise social activities that support the mental health and well-being of them and their families.

The school said: “It reduces the social isolation that can be experienced by some of our young people and allows them to build and maintain friendships outside of school, and with peers that have moved on. Families are able to create support networks with each other and offer advice and a listening ear to the challenges of early adulthood for those with special educational needs and disabilities. We are grateful to the councillors.”

The Weyford Association of Staff and Parents was “delighted and extremely grateful” to be given £800. It said: “This will go a long way in helping us provide the children of Weyford Nursery and Primary Academy with some much-needed outdoor resources.

“This enables us to continue our push to improve mental health by enjoying some of their education in an outside environment.”

Receiving £800, the Whitehill & Bordon Community Association said: “Thank you very much for all your support, and we look forward to continuing to work with you.”

Also granted £800 was I’m All Ears, which said: “I’m All Ears is very pleased to have gained funding. This will enable us to continue to provide community counselling in Bordon and Whitehill for more people in need, at the time that they need it, without lengthy waiting lists. Thank you.”

Bordon Amateur Boxing Club got £750 for equipment. It said: “We hope that you continue to support us. Without it some of our goals would simply remain a dream.”