Five roads in East Hampshire will be made safe from speeders after a first wave of hi-tech traffic cameras were picked up by parish councils. 

East Hampshire District Council has pledged to buy 20 sets of Speedwatch cameras for use in some of the district’s worst high-speed hotspots. 

Parish councils applied for the cameras, which will be installed and run in conjunction with existing Community Speedwatch schemes. The first five sets of three cameras have been delivered to Bramshott & Liphook Parish Council, Farringdon Parish Council, Froyle Parish Council, Ropley Parish Council and Worldham Parish Council. 

The project was driven by East Hampshire cabinet member Cllr Tony Costigan. He said: “It’s very exciting to see this scheme get rolling. We have worked hard to buy the cameras and make them available to parish councils to use.

“It is clear that speeding in our towns and villages is a real issue that affects the lives of a lot of our residents.”