HASLEMERE Bowling Club won the President’s Cup for the first time in 26 years when they competed in the Three Counties Fellowship finals, hosted by Rogate BC on Saturday.

In the morning, Freddie Willey, Geoff Topp and Janet Rothwell played the triples final against Milford. Haslemere started well, but Milford slowly took control and claimed the title 24-8.

The President’s Cup two-rink final followed in the afternoon, with Haslemere meeting Milford once again. Geoff Topp skipped one rink with Sheila Simons, Koos Engelbrecht and Robert Uffold, while Freddie Willey led the other, playing with Janet Rothwell, Christine Ewing and James Brown.

Topp had a great start and led by 19 shots after six ends, while Willey’s team were penned back by a strong Milford four. Eventually, after 18 ends, Milford were just one shot behind.

The last three ends were very tense. Topp’s rink picked up a couple of good ends and Brown produced a great shot when Willey’s team were five down on their 21st end.

Haslemere finally won by five shots – a fantastic 47-42 result rewarding a superb team effort.

Haslemere match results:

Medstead 68, Haslemere 41. Sept 13. Details (Haslemere named): J Greenfield, D Gribble, P Brackfield lost 19-25; J Rothwell, P Teague, G Topp lost 9-27; K Engelbrecht, R Webb, R Uffold lost 13-26.

Haslemere 54, Headley 84. Friday. Details (Haslemere named): J Ewing, J Greenfield, J Wise lost 9-27; K Engelbrecht, J Wise, C Ewing lost 15-19; D Moyses, P Wallace, B Archbold lost 10-17; D Furbear, A Parry, P Brackfield lost 20-21.

Haslemere 32, Ewhurst 55. Sunday. Details (Haslemere named): Jeff Wise, Jean Wise, P Teague lost 11-13; B Archbold, A Parry, R Uffold lost 11-22; D Gribble, J Greenfield, D Furbear lost 10-20.

Frensham 55, Elstead 25. Sunday. Details (Frensham named): W Edwards, C Bonner, J Wiltshire won 20-7; J Warner, Sue Haw, R Hunter won 20-8; Stu Haw, H Warner, G Wiltshire won 15-10.

Bowls Fixtures

Friday, September 15

Haslemere v Headley

Saturday, September 23

Tongham v Horsell

Great Hollands v Bourne

Frensham v Mytchett

Sunday, September 24

Wonersh v Tongham