Farnham Runners achieved some impressive results at the Stubbington Green 10km race.

Forty-one Farnham Runners were among the 1,784 finishers on the fast course.

James Robinson crossed the line first for the club in a time of 34.49 to finish in 43rd place. Joe Collins was the 69th finisher in 35.56. Also finishing for the A team were Toby Loomis in 36.30 and Matt Saker in 36.42. 

Jamie Lyons was first in for the B team in 38.44, followed by a trio of Justin Clarke (40.50), Sam Angell (41.09) and Ivan Chunnett (41.33).

Richard Denby (41.42) and Andy Brown (41.57) led the C team while Terry Copeland (42.48) and James Goodwin (43.40) completed the scoring. Five Farnham runners were unlucky not to make the scoring teams this time.

Jamie Lyons, John Phillips, James Goodwin and Richard Denby at the Stubbington Green 10km
Jamie Lyons, John Phillips, James Goodwin and Richard Denby at the Stubbington Green 10km (Farnham Runners)

Farnham’s ladies’ A team were boosted by the appearance of Kayleigh Copeland, who finished in a fine time of 41.48. Linda Tyler finished in 44.59, Bridget Naylor clocked a personal best 47.33 and Candy Waller showed her potential by clocking 47.44 in her first 10km race. 

Toria Dick led the B team in 48.25, with Meg Grocott finishing in 51.59, Jane Georghiou in 52.13 and Marina Greig in 52.46 in her first attempt at the distance.

The C team was comprised of Carol Dare (54.21), Colette Grist (53.40), Kay Copeland (56.10) and Sandra Hickey (56.16), ahead of another 12 Farnham ladies.  

Thirty-five Farnham Runners enjoyed the cross country on the grounds of Chawton House.

First back for Farnham was Joe Collins in sixth place. Chris Matthews finished 34th, with Ivan Chunnett in 77th and Bob Brimicombe in 78th completing the scoring. Dan Bailey, Richard Denby, Colin Addison, Chris Raby, Justin Clarke, James Goodwin, Paul Keogh, Chris Allen, Craig Tate-Grimes and Chris Gill also finished for Farnham. 

Ali Mitchell in 25th, Sue Taylor in 32nd, Linda Tyler in 35th and Lindsay Bamford in 49th made up the ladies’ team. Bridget Naylor, Jane Georghiou, Meg Grocott, Sandra Hickey, Kay Copeland, Tori Shaw, Sally Lawrence, Penny Schnabel, Shirley Perrett, Tina Longman, Clair Bailey, Georgi Welch, Jackie Wilkinson, Pauline Hamilton, Jacquie Browne and Sue McKenzie also finished for Farnham.