Kevin Adair looked back at the wreckage of an 8-0 defeat at Badshot Lea and admitted: That’s about as bad as it gets.

The Alton manager had seen his side torn apart by the Combined Counties Premier South promotion hopefuls.

He pulled no punches afterwards and said: “We were outplayed, out-worked and out-thought, and we didn’t take any responsibility on the pitch. Sometimes you can have really bad days and we’ve just had one.

“Badshot Lea were good but if you look back at the goals, we played a part in five or six of them, and that was the disappointing thing.

“But good sides put games like that to bed and that’s exactly what they did – every time they had an opportunity, they took it.

“We addressed a few things at half time but we couldn’t change a lot – we just wanted to make sure it didn’t turn into something we didn’t want it to, which it did anyway.

“As a manager, that’s the worst defeat I’ve had although to be honest I probably felt worse after the Farnham Town game, when we had the penalty ruled out which cost us a win.

“It will be a difficult post-game chat with the players but we just have to accept what has happened and move on.

“You can always make excuses why it happened – they were good and we were bad; they’ve got some good players but we have some good players too. It was a bad day for us and a good day for them. It just doesn’t feel very nice.”