Every spring, Farnham Rugby Club send more than 500 people – including players aged from under-six to under-11, their parents and coaches – on a weekend rugby tour.

Each annual tour has a different theme and this year the tour committee chose The Heroes Tour and invited all to adopt the persona of a hero – sporting or otherwise – and specifically “climate heroes”.

The idea is to reduce the carbon footprint of the tour to zero – and even beyond – not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it will teach good habits to a host of youngsters... and their parents!

As part of this initiative, and in partnership with Debra Lee, senior woodland management officer at Surrey County Council’s natural capital division, the club’s under-tens planted 140 trees and hedge saplings on the borders of the club grounds on Monkton Lane.

This will offset the carbon emissions that will be produced during the tour, and over the longer term boost the diversity of flora and fauna at the club’s grounds.

The planting could not have happened without the support of the club’s volunteer head groundsman Steve Tomlinson.

John Hartley