Alton Climate Action Network’s community outreach project Eco-Streets - funded through Alton Town Council - is focusing on telling people on the new estates about ACAN’s work.

Alton is an important town for swifts, which return each year in May to nest. This is the only time that they land, as they spend their lives airborne, even mating in the air.

Eco-Streets has responded by providing 12 swift nest boxes to houses in different parts of Alton. They were fitted by the charity Hampshire Swifts.

Catherine Gale, one of its trustees, is giving a free talk in Alton Community Centre on May 22 at 7.30pm for all local residents to find out all about swifts, what Hampshire Swifts is doing to address their decline, and what people can do to help them.

Author Helen Macdonald has written a book about swifts called The Mysterious Life of Birds who Never Come Down.