Paralympian swimmer Suzanna Hext has visited Treloar School in Holybourne.

Suzanna - a swimming world champion, Treloar’s Paralympian patron and the ambassador for Team Water - went to Treloar’s on April 18.

Students met Suzanna’s hearing support dog, Kimmy, and were excited to show off their progress and accomplishments in both PE and swimming since her visit last year.

The students demonstrated their co-operative skills and how best to work with a partner before playing matches and applying strategies learned to their games using adapted equipment.

It was a competitive and fun session that was enjoyed by all, with students keen to play against Suzanna.

Suzanna also joined a group of students as they worked on their individualised swimming programmes and hydrotherapy before relay racing in pairs.

The pool was a hive of activity, with staff and students gaining much motivation from Suzanna and Kimmy, who was watching faithfully from the side.