The New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, has just launched its new exhibition of local artists – Ruth Taylor, Eliza Southwood, David Mayne and the ‘Sculptor in Focus’ Adrian Bates all feature.

Ruth Taylor uses oil painting as her main form of expression and her love of colour, texture and pattern is evident in her work, which captures the English countryside. Ruth lives in Hindhead.

Eliza Southwood is an award-winning printmaker, painter and illustrator from London and is currently based in northern Spain. Her work often features sports people and demonstrates her love of cycling, but they are also a representation of what it means to be outside and the joy in the environment around us.

Eliza’s work is shown with the sculptures and miniatures of David Mayne which similarly portray popular activities such as cycling and woodland walks.

Living in Holmfirth, much of his inspiration comes from the areas of stunning woodland, beautiful hills and wild moorland that are on his doorstep.

In 2020 David won the competition for the Craft Town Public Art commission in Waggon Yard, and the works – consisting of an acorn and an oak tree and representing the oak forests that surround Farnham – are found just outside the New Ashgate Gallery.

Adrian Bates, the ‘Sculptor in Focus’ of the exhibition, throws and hand-builds his vessels from black and white stoneware clays, and his work shows an inherent understanding of structure and form. He is largely self taught, and in 2011 became a full-time professional maker.

The New Ashgate Gallery is open 10.30am to 5pm from Tuesday to Saturday, with free entry. All works are available to buy, with free delivery for items costing from £50.

Beatrice Vickery