Another selection of photographs from ED Abbott’s garage at Wrecclesham this week to see if readers can identify any of the staff present to help Len Huff in his quest to put names to them all for his forthcoming book on the company and its history.

Again, several of the images feature social occasions including dances at what I think is Farnham’s Memorial Hall in West Street.

The foursome seated around a table dates from a 1961 dinner-dance but there is no further information as to location. The all-male dinner group is similar to one we’ve featured before.

The large group in working clothing I think dates from wartime and was taken at the works adjacent to the railway line in Wrecclesham.

Please take a close look at the featured faces and if you can identify any, or know the location or date of the photograph, drop Len Huff a note, clearly identifying which photograph you are referring to, via email to [email protected]