RESIDENTS have launched a campaign to stop developers building 1,200 new homes on land at Chawton Park Farm.

The proposal is one of ten being considered as part of East Hampshire District Council’s (EHDC) large development sites consultation.

Like the others it has proved controversial with concerns raised about increased traffic and the loss of valued countryside.

However, developer Harrow Estates insists the project will contribute to the housing need and comes with a raft of infrastructure improvements.

Last week residents gathered at the site to show solidarity against the project.

“Of the ten possible large-scale development sites recently put forward by EHDC, this one is the least desirable,” Janice Montgomerie said.

“Its location on the edge of Alton would see new development stretching from the Treloars site, where another 280 homes are still to be built, to halfway to Medstead.”

Clare Klaire lives at Chalk Dell Cottages near the Chawton Park Road corner.

“This is such a big issue in so many ways, I’m horrified we are even having to discuss it as an option,” she said.

“Chawton Park Road cannot serve 2,000-plus houses and various public amenities, such as leisure centre, hospital, GP practice.

“It floods, is already over-used and has a narrow blind bridge access at one end and a difficult junction with Whitedown Lane at the other.”

In a statement Chawton Parish Council said it was “concerned that it is again needing to defend its parish and community against a completely disproportionate new development”.

It said large developments in Bordon and Bentley (Northbrook Park) originally included in the council’s draft local plan were “clearly more suitable and sustainable”.

Four Marks Parish Council told the Herald it was working closely with fellow councils to “strongly” object to the plan as it is “unnecessary” and in “an unsuitable place”.

A spokesman from Harrow Estates said the plan could make “a real contribution” to East Hampshire’s “identified need for new homes”.

“As well as upgrading the local roads, improving bus services and creating new footpaths and forest walks, we will also ensure that we deliver high quality garden village design and ensure Alton’s long-term future,” the spokesman added.

They are also “committed to upgrading the relevant sections of the National Cycle Network”.

A public meeting will discuss the plans from 7pm on Friday, October 4 at Chawton Village Hall.