WHEN your fete opens just as England are about to kick-off in their World Cup quarter-final tie, there could be a problem attracting visitors.

But the organisers of Binsted fete had a bright idea on July 7 - they put up a giant TV screen and chairs under some shady trees, so that football fans could enjoy both events.

And it certainly worked as more than 600 people flocked to the fete on the recreation ground to enjoy a variety of stalls, games, good food, drinks and the chance to meet friends and neighbours while basking in warm sunshine.

One special area had been given over to a new feature at the fete called Young Entrepreneurs - especially for children who for a small amount of pocket money could rent a stall and sell anything they liked.

Caroline Thomas, one of the organisers, said: “The range of products was amazing, from homemade unicorn ice cream and home-made dog beds to small pet cuddling and glitter make up. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm that the children had and the support from their parents and those who attended the fete in general.”

Other highlights included a competition to paint ‘love rocks’ and a dog show, although the entries were down this year because of the hot weather.

But the village gardeners put on their usual fine displays for the flower show and somehow managed to find enough water to keep them fresh for the day.

The event raised £5,000, which organisers say will go to myriad local charities, and now the committee are busy organising next year’s fete, which will be on July 6.