Farnham Runners fielded 41 runners at Basingstoke and Mid Hants AC’s Southern Cross-Country League race near Silchester.

The Farnham men came fourth of the 23 clubs, while the ladies were ninth. Combining the scores gave a final overall position of joint sixth.

Liam McMurray came sixth, with Joe Collins seventh. Jamie Lyons (39th) and Chris Cary (52nd) both ran strongly for the final team places.

Next in was Daniel Bailey in 64th place. Men’s captain Justin Clarke finished 100th.

Kayleigh Copeland finished 11th for the ladies, with Bella Weetch 43rd, Linda Tyler 50th and Sue Taylor 54th.

Candy Waller finished 67th, Lindsay Bamford was 73rd, Gemma Whitehouse was 76th and Tori Shaw was 100th.

Organisers of the Hayling ten-miler had to clear stones washed up by recent storms.

The men’s teams gained a perfect set of results for the A and B teams, being top on the day and lying top of the A2 and B2 divisions after three events of the 12. The ladies’ A team came fourth out of ten clubs in the top A1 division, but there were not enough for a B team.

The men’s A team comprised James Clarke in 1:00.58, Matt Saker in 1:03.02, James Lyons in 1:04.26 and Tony Jones in 1:10.27.

Richard Denby finished in 1:11.19, Andrew Brown in 1:16.41, James Goodwin in 1:17.09, Paul Keogh in 1:18.05, Steve Murphy in 1:22.59 and Chris Gill in 1:24.44.

Linda Tyler was second F60 and led in the ladies in 1:20.14. Ali Mitchell was on her heels in 1:20.27. Candy Waller finished in 1:24.47, with Bridget Naylor in 1:25.02. In support was Colette Grist in 1:33.11.

The Gosport half marathon took place two weeks later.

Eight of the 18 Farnham Runners achieved personal best times. The A team – comprising James Robinson in 1:20.20, Joe Collins in 1:22.38, Matt Saker in 1:23.25 and Jamie Lyons in 1:25.37 – came top of the B2 division.

Tony Jones finished in 1:33.46, Richard Denby in 1:35.01, Andy Brown in 1:35.45 and Chris Raby in 1:35.45.

These four made up the B team that came third.

Ivan Chunnett in 1:38.36, James Goodwin in 1:41.02, Justin Clarke in 1:42.17 and Craig Tate-Grimes in 2:04.16 made the C team that placed fourth.

There were just six ladies on the day, so only enough for an A team. They were led in by Linda Tyler, second F60 1:42.39, with Billy McCulloch in 1:52.06, Bridget Naylor in 1:53.28 and Gemma Whitehouse in 1:54.28 completing the team score for eighth in the top division. Jane Georghiou finished in 1:55.04, and Colette Grist in 1:58.58.

The second round of the Southern Cross-Country League took place in Alice Holt Forest, with 53 Farnham Runners taking part.

The men and ladies put out superb teams that topped both sections and won overall.

Lizzie May won the ladies’ race. Kayleigh Copeland was sixth, with Sarah Hill seventh and Emma Pearson 19th.

Ali Mitchell (41st), Linda Tyler (58th), Candy Waller (66th) and Lindsay Bamford (73rd) made the top 75.

Liam McMurray led in the men in fourth, with Joe Collins sixth, Chris Weston 15th and James Robinson 21st.

Chris Carey (38th), Matt Saker (45th), Dan Bailey (84th) and Sam Angell (88th) finished in the top 100.

Jane Georghiou